Quality policy

We provide single use equipment to the healthcare system

We provide customized solutions which results in cost savings, through thorough analysis of current procedures and needs.

The overall goal of working with quality is to maintain and solidify our more than 50 years of experience and continously lift the level, so we become even better at delivering the right solution for the right price.

We understand quality as the customers collective experience, including;

  • Flexibility in the cooperation and high credibility
  • Competent counselling and cooperation
  • The right solution, high quality with an economic saving
  • Delivery on time
  • Exceptionally good customer service
  • Trust and competitivity
  • Optimal logistics
  • Professional complaint management

Our products are marketed in consideration to the agreed specifications, along with relevant standards and legal requirements

Compliance to the quality policy will be ensured by quality management in accordance with the requirements of DS/EN ISO 13485 and DS/EN ISO 9001.