Environmental policy

We provide single use equipment to the healthcare system

We provide customized solutions which results in cost savings, through thorough analysis of current procedures and needs.

The overall goal of working with the environment is to minimize the strain on the external environment.

We will continously improve the management of our activities with the purpose of preventing and limiting the effect our activities have on the environment;

  • We take responsibility for, and have a sincere interest in minimizing the environmental impact. 
  • Each year, we choose focus areas regarding the environment, which we work determined towards.
  • The environment is within our daily considerations regarding choice of products, suppliers and carriers.
  • The environmental impact is always valued during the choice of packaging, likewise recycling is generally a significant factor during this proces.

We want to ensure that we live up to our environmental policy, as well as relevant standards and legal requirements

Compliance to the environmental policy will be ensured by environmental management in accordance with the requirements of DS/EN ISO 14001.