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Our ambition is to make a difference with our products and solutions which we deliver to the healthcare sector. Becoming a beneficial company to the world is one of our primary goals, by focusing on the patients, the end-user, and the environment in every solution we provide.


We are able to accomplish this by engaging in a dialogue with you, regarding new solutions or improving existing ones. This can aid in solving some of the daily challenges you may face.


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We are constantly discovering new perspectives and keeping us updated on the industry.
Therefore, our assortment of products is continuously expanding.

Our most important purpose is listening to your needs, by offering customized solutions. 

In cooperation with the regions in Denmark and various suppliers, we improve your work process, by delivering the most efficiently customized products. 


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H. Dam Kærgaard is a distributor
of Hegenberger Speculum

Hegenberger Speculum is developed by midwife Malene Hegenberger,
who has many years of experience with suturing, as a tool for midwifes and doctors, when sewing postpartum ruptures.




Disposable procedure packages
for eye surgeries




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